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Library Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

Due to the pandemic, Library study rooms are currently closed to students and staff at this time.  

Visit the information desks at either campus to sign into a study room.  

  • Group study rooms are available for currently enrolled JTCC students in good standing with the library.
  • Due to high demand, group study rooms are available only on a first come, first served basis.
  • Both individuals and groups of students may use the study rooms, limited to a 2 hour session. Users may continue using the room if no other student is waiting for a study room. Students who are asked to vacate a study room due to high demand must wait 30 minutes before joining the waitlist.
  • Users are expected to follow the JTCC's Code of Student Conduct. Users who engage in inappropriate or disruptive behavior may be asked to leave, and their study room privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Users will be liable for any damage done to the room or equipment. Equipment that is not working should be reported to the library staff.
  • Please keep the rooms in clean condition.
  • If a study room is left vacant, it may be reassigned. Unattended items left in study rooms will be turned over to college security.