What am I Searching

QuickSearch is a new library discovery tool that connects various library resources into one easy search. Use this tool to find John Tyler’s books, ebooks, films, and audiobooks, plus thousands of articles from some of the largest library databases.

QuickSearch Features

  • Combined results from the library catalog and selected online resources/databases
  • Refinement tools to help optimize searching and focus results
  • Easy access to student library accounts to request, save, and share materials

QuickSearch FAQs

What resources am I searching?

Can I find articles in QuickSearch? Can I find books?
Yes, you can find both articles and books using QuickSearch. If you are looking for articles only, use the drop down menu below the search box titled “Show Me: All Items” and change the setting to “Show Me: Articles.” If you are looking for book resources, change the setting to “Show Me: Books.” This will ensure that the results displayed are the types of materials you have selected. 

How do I place a hold request?
To place a hold, you must sign-in using your myTyler username and password. You can do this by clicking on the “Sign In” link at the top of the QuickSearch homepage. Once you are signed in:

  • Find an item you would like to request.
  • Click on the link for “Request this item” (you may be prompted to enter a myTyler username and password if you are not signed in).
  • Select the pick-up location.
  • Click “Hold.”
  • Library staff will email your student account when item is ready for pick-up.


How do I check my library account?
To sign in, click on the “Sign In” or “My Account” link at the top of the QuickSearch homepage. Enter your myTyler username and password to enter your account. 

What are the e-shelf and queries tabs?

  • E-shelf- a place to store all the information you find. Save items that you are using for assignments so you can easily go back refer to the original source.
  • Queries- a place to save your searches. Create unique search strings with parameters like date, subject terms, authors, and more. Queries will allow you to save the way you search to find all the same great resources again. 


Will QuickSearch replace the classic catalog?
No. QuickSearch relies on the classic library catalog for library records. The classic catalog provides data on library holdings and item availability for QuickSearch to display in a more user-friendly way.