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The Stars in Our Eyes - Books on Stars, Planets, and Outer SpaceJune 18

If you watch the sky regularly, you may know that June is a great season for planet watching. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all make appearances across the sky this month. The Summer Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere--when the sun's path is most arched, reaching its most northerly point and giving us the longest stretch of sunlight in the year--also occurs on June 21. The June solstice is the astronomical start to the summer for sky-watchers north of the equator. Celebrate the... Read More

Summer Reading - Not Just for KidsJune 7

Summer brings heat, swimming pools, and reading lists. Across the country, kids head to their local libraries to complete a mandatory reading list for school. Others compete for a prize as to who's read the most. Once all possibility of free ice cream is exhausted, many kids abandon their summer reading list ambitions and find new things to fill up their summer time. Summer reading isn't just for kids. Recent articles detail the benefits of daily book reading, including: Increased life... Read More