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Film Screening: Bag It- Is your life too plastic?
Monday, 4/22 @ 5:30 PM


Maker Space: Repurpose Your Wardrobe with T-shirt Totes
Monday, 4/22 @ 2:30 PM

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National Poetry Month - Poetry Gets Personal Pt. 2April 17

Some years ago, amidst my own college education, I first ran into the legacy of Sylvia Plath. It was complicated. Myself a fledgling writer, I was humbled when a friend of mine compared me to the late poet. We share a birthday, and that was where I thought the similarities ended. It was not until I did further research (...late-night Wikipedia) that I discovered her tale was as touching as it was troubling. For this month, we choose to delve deeper into the woman who was.  Her life is... Read More

Villanelle - Shadow of the RingApril 15

Attribution: "Dol Goldur" by Neral. CC BY 3.0 The villanelle consists of five tercets (a tercet is a grouping of 3 lines) and a quatrain (a grouping of four lines). Each line is 8-10 syllables long. The first and third lines of the first stanza become refrains that repeat throughout the poem. Here is an original villanelle by staff member Lauren Hall. Shadow of the Ring by LT Hall The mists are fading into spring; along the meadows, caves, and streams where the moon is shrouded... Read More