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Monday, 11/24 @ 6:15 PM

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Tuesday, 11/25 @ 10:00 AM


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Monday, 11/24 @ 6:00 PM

Did I Say That? Avoiding Plagiarism
Tuesday, 11/25 @ 2:00 PM

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Webtastic Wednesday- The word of the year is....November 19

Annually, the Oxford Dictionary's editorial staff selects a word of the year.  Last year, the prevalence of picture based social media like Instagram pushed the word "selfie" to the front of Oxford's list.  This year, another socially charged topic took the top spot.  So drum roll please...the word of 2014 is vape!  Vape is in reference to the growing number of electronic cigarettes that are an ever-growing market and highly debated in the healthcare field. To vape refers to the inhaling... Read More

Library 101: Scavenger Hunt Style! November 6

Want to discover the library in a new way?  Check out the Library 101 Scavenger Hunt!  This active learning workshop allows students to become the teachers.  Join a team, grab an iPad, and start learning about all the services, resources, tools, tips, and everything else the JTCC library has to offer! Teams will explore the library to answer seven questions.  The first team to finish first will receive extra points and have the best chance of claiming the first place prize! The next... Read More