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Find it Fast with Library Databases
Thursday, 10/6 @ 3:00 PM

Should I Use That? Evaluating Resources
Tuesday, 10/11 @ 10:00 AM


Did I Say That? Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
Tuesday, 9/27 @ 11:30 AM

Find it Fast with Library Databases
Wednesday, 9/28 @ 3:00 PM

From Library Space

Banned Books Week at the Midlothian LibrarySeptember 26

We want to start our Banned Books Week celebrations by getting you to visit your Tyler libraries!  Yes, come to the physical space of the library and browse our Banned Books display at the Midlothian campus to see what titles we have to offer.   This year's Banned Books Week is centered around celebrating the titles that encourage and promote diversity through their content. The books that Midlothian has on display highlight some of the most frequently banned or challenged books with diverse... Read More

Banned Books Week has Begun!September 25

Welcome to the Tyler libraries celebration of Banned Books Week 2016!  This week, the Library Space blog will feature posts highlighting the importance of initiatives like Banned Books Weeks and fighting censorship in our public libraries, school, and institutions! To start the week, let's talk a little about the background of Banned Books Week. It started over 30 years ago with Judith Krug, a first amendment and library activist. Ms. Krug contacted the American Library Association's... Read More