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Fiction Friday: The Magicians (Book 1)July 24

Quentin Coldwater,  a sulky, high-achieving, high school senior preparing for a college entrance interview finds himself thrown into a magical world of learning- more precisely, a magical college called Brakebills. To be accepted into the prestigious institution, students must pass a rigorous entrance exam to test their magic ability.  After admittance, Quentin finds what he longed for, a place to feel accepted and people who accepted him. During his time at Brakebills, Quentin finds... Read More

Webtastic Wednesday: Choosing a bookJuly 8

Would you be surprised to learn that here at Library Space we occasionally have trouble finding something to read; something, that is, that just fits our reading mood? Luckily, the internet with its vast resources can help. Here are three sites you can take advantage of when you have trouble deciding on your next book: Enter the title of a book you have enjoyed and get back a lengthy list of recommended titles based on the entered book. Each title comes with subject... Read More