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Ready, Set, Research!
Monday, 11/3 @ 12:00 PM

Separating Fact from Fiction
Tuesday, 11/4 @ 3:00 PM


Did I Say That? Avoiding Plagiarism
Monday, 11/3 @ 11:30 AM

Find It in a Flash with QuickSearch
Wednesday, 11/5 @ 3:00 PM

From Library Space

Study Break: Zombies and the Quest for Brains! October 29

With Halloween around the corner, we thought this video would be both timely and informative (and FUNNY!).  We hope you enjoy! What happens when Bob the zombie visits the library?  He leaves infected with knowledge! Thanks to Tulsa Community College for creating the video.

Webtastic Wednesday: TED Helps with Reading, Writing, and more!October 22

You've probably heard of TED Talks by now, but have you heard of TEDed?  From the conference that highlights thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and more, there is now an educational collection to help with popular topics in academics. Through the TEDed page, you can view lessons and series or search for your own TEDed talks.  The lessons area will break down the different disciplines that the collection covers.  The series section will link you to groups of videos addressing... Read More